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Create your own concise, flexible, and free incident response plan here, based on our compilation of best practices. Simply input your information and press enter to see the changes in the preview section. Download a copy by clicking the "Download" link for either HTML or Markdown format. For professional assistance with incident response, or with customizing, implementing, or testing your plan, please contact us.
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The name of your organization
Name and email of plan author
Email of plan author
Document control metadata
URL or reference to IR chat program
Phone number for response teleconference
URL for response video teleconference (VTC)
Domain name for your organization
Number or URL to page Commander(s)
Number or URL to page Commander(s)
URL/path to Commander roster/list
As above, for security team
As above, for SMEs
As above, for executive team
Time to wait for on-duty IC on call
Time between scheduled updates
URL/path to incident file
URL/path to critical information list, data you want to protect
URL/path to critical asset list, systems you want to protect
URL/path to asset management DB
URL/path to network map
URL to log aggregator
URL/path to IR report template
URL/path to report recipient list
Compliance team name
Communications team name
Executive team name
Legal team name
Local law enforcement contact info
FBI contact info
Vendor for IR and infosec support
Vendor for PR support
(Cyber) insurance provider
Industry ISAC contact info
After action review (AAR) service level agreement (time after completion of incident to conduct AAR)
AAR attendees
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